How it works

At it’s core it’s a Machine Learning platform that’s learning from data available in stores and combining it with sensor data to make mostly unusable data, incredibly useful


App bot that uses Deep Learning

Consider this, Map Bot learns store maps that maximize your margins and enable convenience for the shopper at the same time. It starts with your existing map as default configuration. The Bot takes traffic flow, POS data and then learns to build store maps by figuring out product combinations that sell well together. You implement the recommended store maps, your margins improve and your shoppers have a great experience. Win/win right! It's that easy

Built to scale as your analytics and application needs grow:

Completely cloud based Deep Learning platform that can scale well, horizontally and vertically as you start applying your creativity for achieving desired outcomes, for yourself and your shoppers.
CCTV Data, POS Data and your basic outcomes serve as the skeleton for the deep learning framework. You get a few standard KPIs which are available via dashboards. And you get a suite of application bots using which you can design your own KPIs.

No magic without sensors, what if you can use them without installing them:

Sensors are good at something(s) which evade our senses. They can collect unique data points at a very high rate to make previously unobservable, obvious. Think of GPS sensors on your smartphone! We are bringing you the advances made in the field of sensing technology through our Deep Learning platform which is perpetually under sensor training and yes you don't need to install these sensors.