Sensus Labs.

We're a web3 blockchain security, research and development company.

Enabling risk management and compliance for a global community

We data mine and process large amounts of information and plot meaningful data points by converging Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain information to gather evidence and build your case.

We're building a safer financial system for billions of people.

We strive to help institutions monitor, detect and investigate crypto fraud and financial crime.

We believe that cryptocurrency will democratise financial services for the world.

This will lead to both greater access to existing financial services and a Cambrian explosion of new financial products.

A more open, efficient, and interconnected global financial system.

This will benefit people around the world - from an unbanked migrant worker in the US, to a shop owner in Venezuela, to a teenager in Japan who starts saving with in-game digital assets.

Crypto will also introduce new global risks.

🔗 Click here to read how the US Department of Justice tracked and seized $3.6B worth of Bitcoin.

Properties that make crypto a force for good,

can also make it susceptible to financial crime and fraud, which can harm our financial system at unprecedented speed and scale.

Crypto's promise is too valuable to leave the risks unchecked.

We need ambitious new solutions that achieve our simultaneous objectives for financial inclusion, privacy, and safety. These are the solutions we strive to build.

That is why we're building intelligent tools to aid in Blockchain Forensics.

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